Christopher J. Greco

American award-winning composer, classical / jazz woodwind performer, and associate professor of music Christopher Greco has followed a path in music of discovery and accumulation. He composes and performs a broad and diverse range of classical music, electro-acoustic, and jazz music.

His studies as a classical saxophonist (D.M.A. performance), composer (M.A. composition), and woodwind multi-instrumentalist (clarinet, flute) were completed in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Greco's compositions and performances have been endorsed in the U.S. and internationally: "multi-talented artist," "a versatile, innovative musician," “boundless inspiration," "supreme multi-instrumentalist," “exhilarating," "extremely impressive playing," "thought provoking," "virtuoso saxophonist," "impeccable performance," “beautiful."

Endorsing Artist for Selmer Saxophones and Gonzalez Reeds